Gorgeous Depiction of the Primary Artist of WyntersEnd Workshop done by @Gum._.drop on Instagram.

About WyntersEnd Workshop

Our artist is a passionate nerd who loves crafting, collecting, spreading positivity, and indulging in all things cute! Kawaii till they die! She enjoys creating in many different mediums including resin, wood, paint, genuine stone, and beads. Taking inspiration from her passions and creating art is her specialty, and she is always looking to try new things.

WyntersEnd Workshop crafts handmade products including jewelry, accessories, decor, and more. We are a small shop with big dreams, striving to grow. Welcome to our humble workshop and thank you for your time, you wonderful soul!

Sending you love and luck always!

– WyntersEnd Workshop

Please contact us for any orders. Customs are happily accepted.

Featured Products

Please Note: Due to the handmade nature of these products, variations will occur. In addition, we have embraced imperfections as details that make every piece even more unique.

Shaker Keychains

More options available

Shaker Keychains feature various resin profiles in different shapes and colors filled with liquid solution and flowing inclusions that shift when the keychain is tilted or shaken. Offered with complementing accessories in a vast assortment of choices.

Goddess Figure Earrings

More options available

Goddess Figure Earrings feature resin bodies that hang majestically from a silver or gold finding. Complemented by crystal and bead drops. Available in multiple finishes and hues. Several metal options and hook styles are offered including Clip-On Clasps for unpierced ears.

Esoteric Coasters

More options available

The Esoteric Coasters feature hand-poured resin with optional inclusions. Available in a myriad of varying patterns, shapes, and colors with soft rubber feet or cork backings to protect the finish of your surface and the finished piece.

Interested in purchasing?

Our Etsy shop is coming soon, but until then please contact us on Instagram or Facebook to place an order.

Standard Pieces

Collection of Select Standard Pieces

Standard Pieces at WyntersEnd Workshop are unique handcrafted works of art that are constructed with utmost care and attention to detail.

Almost any standard piece you see can be designed to your specifications and color preferences, utilizing the requisite materials needed to make your vision come to life.

Missed out on a piece? We would be happy to create a similar piece just for you.

Custom orders are enthusiastically accepted and encouraged at WyntersEnd Workshop.

They make thoughtful and personalized gifts perfect for any occasion. We love crafting one-of-a-kind pieces for you or a loved one and are happy to discuss any commissioned artwork that you may be interested in.

Consultations are completely free, so please reach out via email or social media for any questions regarding custom work.

Custom Pieces

Curated Selection of Previous Custom Work


Photos from Prior Live Events

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See what our happy customers are saying

Our happy customers have a lot to say about our pieces!

“Top notch customer service and top notch work! Alicia goes over above and beyond! She also does custom work!”

Chaz M


“Her stuff is so cute! I bought six pairs of her Halloween themed earrings this past weekend at a craft fair. I love them and have gotten a lot of compliments already. I love her attention to detail and the quality. Highly recommended!”

Shelby M


“I put in an order after seeing the MOST adorable pair of Space Invader earrings and THIS WAS THE CUTEST AND MOST FUN PACKAGE I HAVE EVER OPENED IN MY LIFE♡♡ Thank you so much, I cannot describe how happy this made me today! everything is so incredibly adorable and well made and the bracelets killed me with the stars- an absolute staple for my wardrobe! Thank you x1000 and happy holidays!!♡♡♡”

Ashley H


“I purchased some amazing earrings from WyntersEnd Workshop and they are so amazing and very well done and great quality I am totally gonna be buying more in the future and they also make a handful of other amazing products definitely worth looking at. I give them 5 stars.”

Megan C


“The products are gorgeous, excellent quality, and the packaging is great! I love my earrings I got and definitely recommend WyntersEnd Workshop! 💜


Mariah G


“She has amazing earrings and I can’t wait for her christmas ones 💖 I love also how she packages the items. Each is made with so much care. The best thing is the price too. It’s affordable.”


Desiree J


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