Metal Sensitivities & Non-pierced Ears

Metal Sensitivities/Non-Pierced Ears

All our earrings are nickel-free and handmade. We strive to accommodate metal sensitivities and non-pierced ears by offering several alternatives including 14k gold-filled hooks, hoops, and huggies, plastic hooks, and multiple clip-on options (including silver, gold plated and plastic!). Metal type used can be found in the listing description and varies depending on the pair.

If you would like to swap the style from a hoop to a hook or vice versa (of the same metal type stated in the listing), please leave a note during checkout and we will be happy to make the change for you. If you would like to change the finding type completely, please add the different finding to your cart and leave a note specifying which pair you would like to be modified with what.

If you would like to upgrade your finding to gold-filled, simply add the finding to your cart and leave a note letting us know which pair/s to modify for you (Price for this option is per pair).

Clip-On Converters (for studs) are $6 for a pair and can be re-used on all stud type earrings by simply removing the current pair and swapping in your new pair of choice. Clip-On Converters are available as an add-on. Dangles are FREE to swap into Clip-Ons, just leave a note for us at checkout and we will happily change the finding out for you.

Disclaimer: All earrings are created by hand so small variations will likely exist in what you receive versus the images displayed as each pair is unique and no two pieces are exactly identical. Each piece is created with care and may have slight imperfections, but any minor flaws (lint, tiny bumps/bubbles, speck of dust, etc.) do not impact function and only add to the uniqueness of each piece.

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