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Spike The Spotted Dino!

Spike The Spotted Dino!

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Spike is a huggable, weighted dinosaur plush that is perfect for those with anxiety, dinosaur fans, plushie collectors, or as a gift for a loved one! (You count as a loved one)

Spike is made of soft boa fabric, which makes him ideal for sleeping with, cuddling, and hugging. He offers comfort, companionship, and a sense of security.


Name: Spike (but please rename however you like!)

Color: Green with pink cheeks and brown spots

Features: Spikes down his back, always down to snuggle, and a love for adventure!

Weight: 5.1 lbs (weighted)

Height: 34 inches tall

Width: 13 inches wide

Key Attributes:

- Expert Level Snuggler

- Best Big Brother (To his Baby Brother Fredrick)


Boa Fabric

Filled with Weighted Plastic Pellets and Dino Fluff (Polyfill)

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Fredrick: Spike's Baby Brother

Do you wish Spike had a friend? Lucky for you, he has a baby brother named Fredrick who is full of curiosity and cuddles. Learn more here!