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Guillotine Life

Mr. Fredrick : Guillotine Life Intern

Mr. Fredrick : Guillotine Life Intern

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Love Spike and wish he had a friend? Lucky for you, he has a baby brother that would love to come home with you! Mr. Frederick is a mini version of his big brother that is working his way up the corporate ladder one cup of coffee at a time. He is full of ambition, dressed for success (in his fancy bowtie), and ready to take on the world! Like Spike, Mr. Fredrick is also made with soft boa fabric, which is ideal for snuggling, pushing paperwork, and hugging.


Name: Mr. Fredrick (but please rename however you would like)

Color: Green with pink cheeks and brown spots.

Features: Spikes down his back, a sophisticated Bowtie, and a playful spirit

Height: 14 inches

Width: 8 inches

Weight: 0.41 lbs (lightly weighted)


Boa Fabric

Filled with Weighted Plastic Pellets and Dino Fluff (Polyfill)

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